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Hunter Grade HW 50's-99-R6 Stock Complete

Orig. Price: $349.00
Sale Price: $219.00
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Prod. Code: BW50S

100% Made In The USA

Fits the above new guns- Not the old HW50-R8.
Oil finished with cut grip checkering and Maccari pad. Hunter Grade Black Walnut-Not Claro.
No tapered forend for solidity and a Wundhammer swell on the grip. Full length forend.

Bargain priced stocks with a high degree of finish but in standard Walnut. The stock shown is typical of what you will get.

These stocks are the "loss leaders"  meaning it cost the same to do these as far as labor and only the figuring is better on the more expensive grades. These are sold at a loss as you just can't profit from stocks in this price range.

We can not hand pick or send pictures out on these and they are offered as "pot luck" If you email us right away we can pick darker or lighter ones for you but that is where it ends. Supply is very limited- first come, first served. A steal of a deal. When these are gone, that's it-no more. We will not have any finished stocks like these ever again.

So you will not see any other models that have been finished and at giveaway pricing.

Please pick the correct shipping option on these as they are not eligible for $6.00 shipping.