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FWB 124-127  Pro Mac Kit-SALE!

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Orig. Price: $95.00
Sale Price: $89.00
Prod. Code: 12427DE

A deluxe kit for the FWB sporters.

Kit includes spring, piston seal,  front guide with spacing and hardened rear steel slip washer.

Kit drops into the gun with the white front guide spring end going in first.

Next drop the rear steel slip washer on the rear guide- ( trigger end)

Moly the rear spring guide lightly and twist on the spring. Moly sold separately.

This is a deluxe version of the Old School kit. Power is the same but more emphasis on reducing any vibration.

Installation ease is the same as the Old School Kit.

Note- If I tuned your gun I would make a kit just like this and button the piston with machined in buttons and other tweaks to the internals and piston seal etc. So this would be a base for our old Ultra Glide tune we did for many years. No longer available however.