Piston Seals


For FWB Sporter piston seals see the FWB Sporter category.


Use our moly paste  for lubricating all of our seals only.

For HW -Beeman Custom Seals;

When installing on the piston, turn the seal several times to set it on the piston before putting in the gun. Why? Seals are made to fit the piston tightly. Most owners create scratches and gouges on the piston securement dovetail-button. This creates the piston to now be bigger and the seal fits tighter or bows out. Turning the seal to make it fit flush is easier than removing it. Next time is the time to file or deburr the piston dovetail.

Also HW piston variances are extreme. Some seals spin on pistons, others are hard pressed to even fit. So more slop will be designed in at a future date to help with this situation. Sometimes the rear seal band bows out on the over-sized pistons. Sizing info in this catalog solves that. If you have a lathe and a lathe file, just chuck up the piston and touch the seal for 2 seconds with the file and measure. I can take 5 thousands off in a second. Less is better.

Making the seal bigger in the ID is a quick fix. Just like the factory. However complaints come in with a loose or shifting seal. In some guns that was actually done to correct an off center piston. In that case material removal maybe a good option if done ever so slightly to get the seal re-centered on the off center piston.

Seal Installation tricks;

If your on the light side or have arthritis type issues, seals can be hard to install.

Try this- Slightly warm the seal with a hair dryer to 130-150 degrees Fahrenheit. Never use a heat gun or open flame. This will make the harder seals more pliable to install with arthritic hands and fingers.

Used seals are non- returnable- no exceptions. Unused seals are subject to a 15% restocking fee and limited to 3 days after delivery.




 Seal colors change often from run to run. This is normal.

 If you do not see it listed, it is not available or out of stock.



Apex Large Seals,Diana, RWS34-54,350,460,Chinese Sidelevers

Orig.: $11.95
Sale: $7.80

NEW-RWS Model 48-52-54 Breech Seal


Apex Small Seal, RWS-Diana,24,26,28,RWS94,B18-19,Gamo 220,440,880, B20-26


Apex Small Seal- Over sized by 8 Thou


New-Tesla Large Seal- Amazing Quality-RWS ETC


Tesla Small Custom Seal- Seal Sizing FAQ ONLY


Hornet R6,R9,10,77-97,HW 85-95,98, 99, New 50S-Piston Seals


NEW-SGS R6,R9,10,77-97,HW 85-95,98, 99, New 50S-Piston Seals


New- HW35, 80, R1, RX1-2, HW90- "426" Bullet Seals

Orig.: $35.00
Sale: $16.00

"Vulcan SS" R1-HW80, HW35 -Theoben Piston Seals

Orig.: $19.00
Sale: $17.00

HW-Weihrauch Breech Seals


HW R7,30, 50,55,70, Old77,R8.... Synthetic Piston Seal


New- Tesla MK2 Piston Seal B40- TX200-PS. All Marks


Apex TX-PS-SR Custom Breech Seals


New-Apex TX-PS-SR ToughKore breech seals


New-Tesla B-20-B26-RWS 320 -Tight Tubes


New-Gamo Tesla Custom Piston Seals


New-Bam,Gamo,TX 200, Problem Solver Seals


Webley Kodiak-Patriot Tesla Seal


Recoiless Seal Set- Diana 6-363-816


End Piece Cap Disc- Diana 6-363-816 Pistols


Diana-Beeman-Hyscore 75-810-60-65 Seals


Diana-Original-RWS 75 Breech Seal


RWS94-Cometa 400 Piston Seal


New-PRO4CE Piston seals- Stingray, Xocet,BearCub, Longbow,Tomahawk Etc


Walther Talon- Hunter -Mag -Turkish Guns-( Piston Seal )


FWB 150-300 2pc. Seal set-In Stock


RWS-Diana-Beeman-Winchester 5-353 Series Pistol Piston Seal


BSA Supersport, Superstar, Lightning, Goldstar Etc Seal


FWB 65-80-90 3 pc seal set


Crosman-Benjamin-Turkish- Chinese ETC. Seal Pack


NEW- Hatsan 135 Piston Seal


New Hatsan 95-Striker Seal-Win 1000-In Stock


All seals are sold as 1 unit unless noted like TX breech seals and Recoilless RWS seal sets. 

Please do not email us for foreign gun seals not listed here. If you do not know what seal they use, go to a forum and find out. Please read the information at the top of our tune kit page. If we offer seals for guns we note and list them here. We can not suggest seals for guns we have never seen.