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GRT  RWS 31,34,36,38,40,45,46, 300 Spring

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 New 5-31-17


GRT  RWS Spring to fit these 31,34,36,38,40,45,46, 300  

Can also be used on older GRT and VRT kits- slightly more docile then

the VRT spring.

Will give moderate high power in the RWS-Diana 48,52,54,460,470, etc.

33 coils x .125 wire x .562 ID

Will also drop in to the RWS guns above

Will take one .875 piston spacer if your just dropping it in a factory gun.

Kits require no spacing.

Ideal for the old Diana Original Model 45 with steel trigger pinned through the stock.

It will not accept extra spacing however- drops straight in.