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NEW-HW79 Sabre Rifle

To Mistake it for an R9 would be foolish! Tuned action with Custom piston with front recoil absorbing piston seal dovetail securement with front OD bearing and rear buttons. Custom Tesla piston seal, internal piston body tube, .800" reduced short stroke with short throw piston stem. Front and rear guides with friction free spacing built in to the sleeve. Custom cut, crowned and choked 13" barrel with Apex mod permanetly attached with brass internal inserts. Machined Breech has custom pivot bolt washers of a synthetic material ( low moisture obsorption) and polished detent with custom spring.Modified cocking lever and shoe. Modified receiver assembly with custom port. (reduced) Modified safety and tuned trigger. Factory beech stock. Picture shown is without the custom barrel and shown with a Walnut Safari stock. Much more included as standard. Result- A better custom R7. More robust barrel-16mm Better Detent System Sleeved Piston Easier Disassembly No receiver external galling Better Stock Securement No Double Jointed Cocking Lever Break In Issues Weight is close with Walnut stock Tons of aftermarket accessories Updates- New spring rates and a more centralized receiver port for balanced airflow. Dry fire protection bumper fitted to the piston head and receiver. Adjustable stroke rates depending on requirements. Piston and spring bounce and a slow shot cycle common with just putting in a weak spring are elimininated.( Piston Bounce in this type of application is from a poorly sprung powerplant without enough energy to quickly make it to the end of the stroke. Also a too short of a spring rebounds if not spaced.Correct term would be Piston Lunge) The firing cycle is crisp and quick no matter the velocities even down to the sluggish stock R7 range. Faulty out of spec receivers are improved a mimimum of 60% and sometimes more. Self lubricating piston sleeve acts as a insulating cage covering the spring assembly and never needs lubricated and can not gall. Testing continues. Oct 13 Update, I have a basic iron sighted Sabre in testing. Its doing sedate tuned R7 velocities but it has .550" spacing available. I have about 400 rounds of junk pellets through it and can not believe how quiet the gun is outdoors with a basic 16" standard barrel as supplied by HW. I did forget how hard it is to tune the late model guns anymore.You now have to rework several areas that you did not 5 years ago on most guns unless suspect. Detent and spring included. Notice all slots appear punched out instead of machined leaving nasty ridges everywhere.Well you see that on everything. I will say that I see the R7 in factory trim unbalanced-it appears to me to be too oversprung and abrupt.This Sabre conversion eliminates that. More coming. Update, Gun would require modifications to take it from prototype to actual commercial stage. The reason is that the stroke is so short and a new cocking shoe would have to be made or a new piston. Not a big deal but in it's current stage it is subjected to hard cocking abuse. It now opens like a over under shotgun and then you cock it. I can see owners opening the action and briskly cocking it and thats not how it should be cocked. Doing this would create problems down the line. I prefer opening the breech first and then cocking-but you can not count on owners doing that. It will be worked out soon with restroking, piston mods and so on. Update 10/20 Work on a R1 Sabre rifle has gotten underway. Not a LWT by any means, but easy cocking and recoil free with a heavy solid build. You just dont flex R1 receivers that easy by mounting a scope. 11/12 The Sabre R9 rifle will be reality in the near future once I run out specific springs and seals ideal to this application. I already have a few people trying to run with the idea because they saw the interest here. That's the airgun business for you. 12/8/04 With new information learned from the Sabre rifle I have a new full power R9 that has been revamped and is a joy to shoot. Gone are many of the current woes. I'm currently building the springs and seals etc. and I have one interested tuner that wants to market the system for me. I'm working out the details for 2005.