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Foreign Shipping Concerns- Customs



Foreign Shipping Document.





Daily I will get an email asking where is it?

It sometimes escalates into a fiasco of panic and distress or at-least expected concern which is to be expected. I do understand many are in a hurry for parts or have trust issues or mail issues.

So, excuse this necessary form letter.

When I receive your order, I pack it well and ship it out promptly according to the guidelines set-forth in my catalog.

Next, I ship using a certified online service. If you opt for the economy shipping which I recommend anyway unless you require tracking or have issues with your local carrier, etc. You will get a shipping notice via email and a tracking number.

The tracking number on economy shipping (First class international) is just the CN22 Customs form number in case it gets lost. That also includes basic Foreign Priority Mail.

All you will get is that number and proof I had shipped your parcel.

The post office and Stamps.com erroneously claims on first class mail and flat rate priority that the number shown is a tracking number. It is not. It is a CN22 customs number. On check out the tracking options are expensive and labeled as such. The post office charges a premium for that-not us.

And they always say that "Electronic shipping information was received." Every customer assumes the label was printed but we did not send the parcel. The post office picks these parcels up at our office daily and does not update that information. Why? I guess they figure its tracking info you did not pay for. Their rules not mine. Once we hand it over to the post office, we have no control over it. I mention this because it is a daily issue here. People do not understand that the parcel in theory could reach you in a few days if customs was not involved. That is always the hold up. Customs operates on its own schedule not yours or mine.


The complaints come in when the basic tracking information is not updated. It usually never is unless you go with Expensive Express or Global mail. So, you cannot track it like UPS- FED EX or DHL. This is important. USPS does not allow one to sit at the computer and follow the package through every little step it takes.

Then again you will not get broker fees and Customs costs either- most of the time anyway.

It can take from 4-10 days to get your order too several weeks depending solely if Customs cares enough to quickly clear your parcel.

Be warned, often the post office does not even update Express Mail or Global mail tracking. I have no control over this. It usually happens when a carrier is too lazy to scan the label.

I always use a return address on the inside and out and keep all details. So, you have the same exact information I do and feel free to contact www.usps.com or your Customs office in case you have concerns. My hands are tied and if I get it back, I will contact you as soon as possible to remedy the situation. Usually just being patient solves 99% of these issues. If I make a mistake, I will ship it back on my dime. If it's your fault for an incomplete address, I will charge you the direct fees only.

 Currently we are seeing a small volume of fraud related to this. Customers assume we cannot trace parcels and claim they never got it. That can happen but with the return address inside and out that should not happen often. In the future if it continues, we will stop exporting product. South Africa, Turkey, and Italy are the key problem areas at this time.

I hope this clears up your questions.


*** Customs and Duties........

Daily I get a reaming about customs and duties your country can charge you on parcels. I have been importing air guns since the late 70's and I assumed everyone knew you can get hit with customs and there is no rhyme or reason on what you may pay and often you pay nothing. The UK seems to be the biggest issue. I get attacked personally like I control their customs and Royal Mail. Sorry I have no control over any of it. That's just the way it is on anything you import. Sorry. If it needs be said I guess, I better. I get no money from these fees and have no idea if you will be charged or not.

Best Regards





Dear ARH,

Thank you for contacting us about international mail tracking.
I apologize, but First-Class Mail International and Priority Mail International Flat Rate Envelopes do not provide tracking information. We are unable to tell you where the item is or the exact date it will be delivered.

Priority Mail International, Express, and Global Priority has an average delivery time of 6 - 10 days. First-Class Mail International delivery time varies.

If I can be of assistance to you in the future, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for choosing the United States Postal Service®.

Regards USPS


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