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 Email- contactarh@yahoo.com



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James Maccari

3054 Telegraph Road

Elkton, MD. 21921-2337

 Checks Payable to James Maccari.


When possible, please order online via our secure catalog. This is by far the fastest and best method for quick delivery. You get a record of the order via email, and we get a hard copy as well. Ordering by phone is not a good way to order. During the day I run the machinery and if you order that way, I have to grab a piece of paper and if the details are pretty entailed than its possible for goof ups even on your address etc. So online ordering is the best route to take.


All returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

Scopes are not included- read G&R page for details.

Return shipping on guns-stocks is the buyers responsibility. No guns can be returned if disassembled or altered.




*All tune kit items are made to order. PLEASE ALLOW ONE WEEK BUILD TIME.

We offer a 3-day inspection on all items if returned as sent unused, unaltered! No exceptions.

* We do not offer Pneumatic repair parts for domestic or foreign guns.

  * For fastest service, please use online ordering and payment via our secure server. -These orders receive priority.


$7.95 Basic Parts Orders


Shipping Information





New Shipping Details.

Go Into Effect 1-1-2007

Online Orders.

We will get most orders out in 48-72 hrs. after ordering. (Excluding weekends and holidays) These include items that are in stock. They do not include made to order items like tune kits etc. For tune kits allow up to one week. In you need rush service you can select that option on check out and the price includes USPS PM shipping in the 50 states.



Often items will be sent or made faster. For many years I have gotten most orders out only minutes after they were ordered. Kits in 1 or 2 days or the same day. I now have found the faster I deliver, the faster it's required and I'm starting to get emails 4-5 hours after the order asking, where is it?  I'm expected to work weekends and holidays 24/7- 365.


So, with this slow down I will still get orders out faster than most Internet companies. One man can only do so much. Orders and customers are appreciated and to better serve you I'd rather take the time with your order than being glued to the computer answering where is it, when it's only been a few days and the order is going to California.

Also please do not email asking why your Credit Card has not been charged. We charge the day we ship only unless it's a special-order item and then we will let you know this up-front.

Order Acknowledgment?

They are sent automatically. If you do not get one, it's in your spam folder or you supplied a bad email address.

Update 1-31-07,

Daily I get emails from frustrated people acting like I should be a spokesman for the Post Office or UPS.

Most of the time they do not allow any time for delivery. Order it Monday and by Thursday I get out of control email. Frankly I'm tired of the complaining. If you send it UPS- they want USPS. Send it Fed Ex, they want it DHL and so on. Then I get complaints on the flat rate shipping. It takes as much effort to pack a $4 order as a $200 order. Send anything UPS to 3 houses down and its $5 plus boxing, Insurance and my time.

I often pay incredible shipping charges. When I need something, I order other things if the shipping is high. I cut people shipping breaks and get no response. I only hear shipping is too high. Pay $8 for a $10 order- Crazy- yes complaints flow easily that way. Get $30 worth of freight for $8 and fast service, I hear nothing then. This catalog allows you to bail on the order if you do not like any of our policies. I suggest you do that instead of complaining. That way we are both happy.

I see 15% of the orders have bad addresses. Yes 15%.

Once I get it back, I contact you. I often eat the return shipping. Far less than 1% are from my error. Most are from the consumer. If I do not get back your parcel, I assume you received it. Abuse gets you nowhere here. I go the extra mile for my customers. When it turns ugly- I walk away from it. If I'm wrong, I take care of it instantly. Please be patient.

I will strive to continue supplying the best service I can, and I hope that is good enough. Thank You!


Visa-MC. Orders- Charge-backs- 3-25-07

It cost us over $200 a month in bogus chargebacks.

We have never lost one yet. For those of you that use this service to try to get out of debts that you incurred, please note this. For every charge-back you file it cost us $25 and that's $25 regardless of if we are right or wrong. Most often their wife does not know who I am, and the customer usually says it's bogus. I have to look up your order and then fight your bogus claim.

My new policy is now this. If you file a charge-back I will not accept and CC order from you. It's strictly on a cash basis.



Optional Parcel Insurance,



Foreign- Domestic Shipping



Oops- Now The Bad Stuff- Sorry:

* Product Shortages or concerns should be addressed within 3 business days of delivery. After that no claims will be honored. No exceptions.

* Reading literature is non-returnable- nonrefundable.

*Mounted scopes cannot be returned for refunds unless defective. No exceptions.

* What gun should I buy questions should be directed to the company you are going to purchase the gun from. If you do not trust them, then it's obvious to me you need to shop elsewhere. I will not entertain what gun is better questions.

*Questions about my products should be addressed to me first and not last. Common practice is to shop your question around to 40 forums and come to me last. If you do that, I will ignore you. You are not extending me a common courtesy that you should and at that point I see no reason to help you after wards. The latest trend is emailing me saying that you are giving me first chance to answer your questions when you are actually emailing me using this as a front to ask 3,000 anal questions that have no use or purpose on anything. Please don't do that. Basic questions on what I sold you are perfectly fine. Unlimited nonsense however is not. Sorry, but it's getting bad. (Example- Why is your washer .0956478 thick when the factory uses .0956477?)

(We reserve the right to refuse sales and services to those that violate our Terms of Service (TOS.)  listed here) That includes those that acquire product for those we have refused sale. Hot mail and Yahoo emails on orders will be emailed or called to reduce fraud. We will cancel orders when no response is given or when email headers are forged.

*My confidential emails should not be forwarded or cut and pasted to any forums. All emails I send are considered confidential by me. If you do so I will refuse to deal with you from that point on.


*Tuning products in this catalog are sold with the understanding that they will be purchased by gunsmiths with the knowledge to install them or by hobbyist that will have these parts installed by a qualified smith.

*Do not buy parts or undertake gun work if you are not experienced to do so. I will not be responsible for your injuries or botched work.

*Springs can be set for $2 each. Please email us stating this. Set springs because of the stress they are under will not remain a 100% square or straight no matter who or what sets them. I mention this only to the glass plate spring rollers that are a source of misinformation and complain on this nonissue.

*Stocks broken or cracked at the wrist are not warranted after the 3-day inspection including DIY. stocks.

* Products are discontinued. Why?

*No matter how valuable or important, if it does not sell, I will not make a new run when the time comes if it's a super slow seller. If I have to invest a few thousand dollars and several weeks of labor to bring it to the market and it takes 5 years to break even, then it's just not worth keeping it in inventory. Often products gain a cult following because they were ignored when offered and now are not available.

* Hold sensitivity, group shifts, barrel harmonics, RWS front centering washers, etc. are the words of choice for the anal minded in this sport. Please avoid these buzz words when dealing with me if possible. I've had a belly fool of this nonsense for years. I'm not saying it's not happening to you; I'm just not interested in hearing about it to be frank. Nothing personal.

Air Arms information, parts request, and technical questions should be addressed directly to Air Arms or it's US importer not us. Their website indicates their dedication to your satisfaction and willingness to handle all your inquiries.

Disappearing email senders?

Many law firms send me disappearing email. I will not honor any orders for those that do this and reserve the right to refuse any order from those that use these tactics when ordering or emailing.

Selecting the wrong shipping option to save money will result in correcting your order before shipping. Its a common practice sadly.

I will answer emails promptly and courteously. I appreciate the interest in our products. When the email turns to stupidity like the scopes were $15 cheaper eight months ago and why not now, I will just stop all email correspondence as I'm not interested in a fist fight or a fiasco. I'm here to serve but demand basic respect. If you want to argue and grandstand, take it elsewhere.

 *Thanks for reading the above. I offer this information solely to those that after the sale claim they were not informed of these details. For the rest of my customers, my apologies for rehashing the obvious. Sadly, in today's world you have to look like a jerk to get these few key points across. But these are the crucial common issues that must be addressed from the onset if you choose to remain sane.

We do not sell, trade, or buy customer information.






Information given on this web site and in any emails or phone conversations is given freely for general information or reading enjoyment. We (ARH LLC) assume no responsibility for any reader attempting to repair, modify or replace parts and try to make sure all information is current and accurate. However, in the end you must take all responsibility for any actions that you undertake with safety a number one priority.

Please do not attempt any repairs if you are not qualified to do so. Air guns can be dangerous in the wrong hands causing serious injury or death. Plan your actions carefully and strive to be safe at all time's whether repairing or shooting your air guns.