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Optional Insurance Page
For All Orders That Require Insurance.

We ship all orders with a return address. If it gets lost and does not return to us, we assume you received it.

 To be insured against loss, please buy optional insurance.

We honor no claims for lost items unless insured. No exceptions.

If we receive any item back, we will email you ASAP for a correct address and details. Losses are very few and we are updating shipping to the point that our services are the very best we can put forth. However, if you're in an area prone to losses, insurance maybe an option you should consider. With the private carrier we now use, a signature may not be required. Our obligation is to process your order promptly and to package it well and get it to the post office. After that it is out of our hands.

When you opt for insurance or signature this supersedes the information at checkout about insurance or signature being declined.

These fees allow us to insure with a carrier or update the shipping option like Priority mail which includes

insurance. If the parcel says delivered to the correct address and they refuse to cover the loss, we will not be

responsible as you are buying insurance from the carrier and not ARH. We have no control over their policies

although they do allow for an appeal.


Thank You!