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Fwb 124-127  Accessories

All items are made to order. PLEASE ALLOW ONE WEEK BUILD TIME.

We do not supply disassembly instructions with any kits!

 I can supply spare parts for any Maccari FWB kits no matter what version kit you have since 1979. Please Inquire.

All ARH FWB parts are manufactured by ARH in the USA.


None Of The Parts Below Were Designed To Work With The New FWB Sport MFG'd from 9-2014 onward.

Typical unsolicited testimonial on our Super Grade FWB Sport trigger blades.

Hi Jim,

 The 124 SS trigger arrived today. It took much longer to get the old  grease out of the trigger block than to install it.  The difference is amazing.  I think its as good as anything I have.  I am in shock really. Having seen so many bad comments about the factory trigger, I thought the stock trigger was all there was. I believe I would rather have this simple design than a complicated Rekord that offers nothing more or different. I can see the factories not being able to hold trigger blade tolerances as close as you do, but I am starting to see how many of the negative comments on not being able to upgrade the FWB sport triggers were simply nonsense.


SLC. Utah


Your tune kits and trigger blades have totally transformed my FWB sporters beyond my expectations. Thanks for supporting us old timers. G.R.- Canada


Since installing your custom 127 kit, it's hanging right there in velocity with my .22 caliber R1. You have awakened this sleeping dog. My R1 is due next for the transformation. My order has been placed today. Thanks again. T.J. Missouri


You came highly recommended by not one but two ex-FWB importers. I'm sure glad I found you. Send me up another 124 Old School Kit. Why FWB didn't think of this I'll never know.  Absolutely Superb!!

M.D.  WV.


Please bring back the finished custom stocks for the 124-127. I have a high grade like the picture in your Gallery #3. I know many others who would like to dress up their old guns but do not have the skill to complete a D.I.Y. one.

Gene R., WI.


My FWB 124 was headed for the trash bin. Thank you for making the cocking levers and slides. Without these parts the gun was useless. Now it's back to it's former glory.

TG.  VT.