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Himalayan Walnut

The real thing. Himalayan Walnut. We have over 3,000 blanks in stock for high grade applications only. Don't confuse this with the brash economy swamp wood Claro Walnut that is now the rage. This works and finishes with supreme ease. Claro Walnut is low in strength and absorbs water easily due to its low density. Most of it is from watered orchard trees and thus hard to finish due to its porous surface. Pretty wood and great figure for the price but no serious stock maker would use it. Some Claro grown outside of CA. can be good if it's a wild tree. But most of that is found in Oregon. American Walnut is best for economy uses and for heavy recoil. It also checkers far better than Claro but no where near the English-Turkish Walnuts. It boils down to how much can you spend and what your end use will be. For me it boils down to if I have to finish it or not. Thats all the work. Any Walnut species can be supplied by me and that includes Claro. I have over 20 years experience with it. My notes on Claro here is to explain that it is not a high quality working wood. It is however a cheap way to get good color and figure if economy is the sole reasoning behind your purchase. With American Black Walnut I prefer PA. mountain wood or the same from MO. or Texas.