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A reviewer Kirstine, A reviewer, 07/05/2008 Catcher In The Rye- Reviewed. This is a must read and even If you do not care for it in the end, it's a worthwhile experience. I can not imagine this book being released just after WWII with the profanity. I guess living in NY city then is a bit different that living in the 'Bread Belt' during those times. I read it like most others in school and just read it again last week. Your view of the book changes with the years. I would say on a slightly different note that I just read ' Curtis Sawyer's Scrambled Eggs' and although the books are a mile apart, I enjoyed it as well because the authors have that unique way of telling an intertwined story and locking you into their grief and anxiety and various other moods. Curtis is however a more likable guy. But J.D. Salinger is a must read. It means different things to us all. A Classic. Also recommended: Curtis Sawyer's Scrambled Eggs- by JD. Maccari