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Rare Himalayan Walnut

This wood was taken from guilt free trees in the Himalayan Mountain Range. Many 500-1,000 years old. Often removed and trucked via armed guards through the disputed Kashmir region. Undertaking this operation has proven to be very risky on my part from a business standpoint and on a personal level. The expense and red tape to bring this to the market has been a hard learned lesson. This is the finest Circassian wood with a real delicate fineness to it unlike some Persian Walnut lumber. All wood is air dried only and mostly used only for the finest guns. This type of walnut wood is treasured for the extreme ease of which they can be worked and finished. They have a high shock value but sand and contour like butter and require very little finish to complete a stock. No grain filling is required. Colors range from white to milk chocolate brown with a black watermark. I have many pieces with unique bands of diagonal fiddleback not seen in other walnut species as well as checkered patterns with sunburst and black streaking. Wood like this was imported by Flaigs in the late 60's early 70's and sold for upwards of $200 a blank then.