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Our Tune Kits- Just So You Know!

Our Tune Kits- Just So You Know!

On our HW kits except the steel R1-80 they use black rear guides and rarely, the prior green ones. Rear washers unlike the factory are hard and polished. You can often see what a kit looks like just looking through the cocking slot of the assembled gun. Factory are most often off white-yellow and sized differently. On RWS we use the white too off white rear guides with hard polished flat washers and PTFE coated washers on the bigger 48-54 etc. Current R1-80 kits use hard steel rear guides with a hard polished steel base. Older HW kits used our dark green guides but black is what we currently use. So it will be one or the other on most HW's like R9-10-11-95, 77-97, 50-55-99-R6 etc. Hw30-R7 is a one piece machined part either yellow or black and no washer. TX-PS are steel rear with flat hard polished washer. Several foreign companies buy our springs and seals and make their own kits as it is more lucrative for them to do so or they have varied power restrictions. Some others world-wide buy a spring and call it a ARH-Maccari kit and it's not. Others do not even buy any parts. Others cut your factory rear guide to make room for a front guide and call it our kit. That happens often. Nothing new under the sun.

HW-Green or Black