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NEW- 6" Apex Muzzle Weights-Improved

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Prod. Code: NTOMW

  Black Anodized

Improved 11/29/19- 100% Aluminum


 Fits most 16 mm barrels- .620"-.635". Can be shimmed to fit 15mm barrels like the R7 etc. Use electrical tape or shim stock on these barrels to get the proper alignment. ( 16mm-FWB Sporters 124-127, R1-80, 85,90,95, R9,10, RWS 34,36,38,45, and so on.

Front sight grooves require filing of the sharp edges which are always about 15 thou over the actual barrel size. MW will fit some barrels even with unaltered sight grooves. Fits some AA PCP guns as well as many others like HW, RWS, FWB, etc.

Two grub screw securement. Just under 6 inches OAL average with an od about .860" or so. Anodized aluminum machined from aircraft aluminum.  

 As supplied these fit .177, .20, .22  as standard

Supplied with two 8-32x .125" grub screws.       


Ideal for FWB 124-127, R1-80-95-85-MKsMn 55-70,R10-11 RWS34-36-38-45 etc.