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Lubricants > Euro Lube -Tar Grease- Improved
Euro Lube -Tar Grease- Improved
Price: $8.00
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Prod. Code: EU-090

Updated 9-09-2014

Higher melting point, tackier, better low temperature performance.


This is the same lubrication used by several European airgun manufacturers as OEM.

It works well on mainsprings ( degrease first) cocking levers, shoes, slots, breech pivot spacers, trigger units and sidelevers. Not for seal lubrication, An all around non messy product If you want to avoid black.

Ideal for all types of plastic or steel spring guides. Best used in tight toleranced guns. Heavy Tar is better for sloppy fitting guns or where more dampening is required.

Do not mix this lubricant with other tars or moly.

Also ideal for the storage of spare mainsprings. Coat evenly and put away in plastic bags or wrap.