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Piston Seals > Apex Small Seal, RWS-Diana,24,26,28,RWS94,B18-19,Gamo 220,440,880, B20-26
Apex Small Seal, RWS-Diana,24,26,28,RWS94,B18-19,Gamo 220,440,880, B20-26

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Price: $9.95
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Prod. Code: APV65798

Fits both FAC and UK rated guns. Top Quality. More room for adjustment on bigger or smaller tube run out. Apex brand-super high quality. Fits alot of guns- some old Gamo's can use this seal as well. Chinese break barrels too. Gene Sunday has informed us they fit the Gamo 220, 440 and 880 as well.

Will fit the RWS 94 from our test's. However on the 94 the guns vary to a big degree. Avg seal size is 1.028". The Tesla when available is about 10 thou bigger if needed on the 94 or oversized guns.

RWS24's (late models with the over 1"+ bore take the large Apex) Bigger than the 1.025" Apex small.



IF YOUR B26 is new or European this seal is the best bet. Many USA guns use the just under 1" seal. But seems BAM is shipping bigger tubed guns now. These seals are now redesigned for more velocity and better fitting.

Seal Colors change often.