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Piston Seals > Tesla Small Custom Seal- Seal Sizing FAQ ONLY
Tesla Small Custom Seal- Seal Sizing FAQ ONLY

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FAQ Sizing  info for all seals


Seal fits same guns as the small apex seal (24) size- Most without sizing.


                              New. This seal is made from a tough new material
                              that lets it be sized by even a novice and will
                              handle even hotter springs than the factory. If
                              your a pro at resizing seals then you do just as
                              you normally would. This seal is ideal for varied
                              toleranced runs of guns. Or suitable for the Pro
                              FT guy that wants a perfection fit and also to
                              adjust velocity to his preferred level through
                              sizing. On non AA guns this fits all the guns the
                              Apex small seal does without modification. 
                              Always install seal before sizing- unless its
                              impossible without damage.

                              If not follow these basic instructions. ( These
                              can be adapted to your personal experience and
                              tools you have available)

                              First take the new seal unmodified with some moly
                              paste or Webley seal oil and put the new seal in
                              the gun. ( I do not even put the action back in
                              the stock, saves time and if your careful it's not
                              a problem. However I have been doing this for 25
                              years-so do what your comfortable with.)

                              Next fire 5 shots to set the seal. Chrono it and
                              see where its at. If it's where it should be-leave
                              it alone. If not remove it from the gun and it
                              will show you a dark line just at the front edge
                              or just behind it. Use an abrasive cloth (180-220 grit) to make the mark disappear



                              ( test it in the
                              compression tube a few times to see how it feels)
                              When its snug and not loose or too tight then put
                              it back in the gun and fire a few shots to settle
                              it in. If its close to where it should be, leave
                              it alone as it will pick up in power down the road.

                              The seal can be sized on a lathe or in a electric
                              hand drill or using a dremel tool if super
                              careful. (Or just by rotating it in your hand
                              against the abrasive-best if fitted to the piston.
                              Keep the natural seal contours as they are)You
                              should get a semi gloss edge on your newly sized
                              seal. This material sizes super well and very
                              little effort is required.
                              The picture shows a rare condition where the last
                              two inches of compression tube towards the port
                              had a bulge in it that made seal fitting a no win
                              proposition. So I had to remove the bulge and
                              resize the Tesla seal to fit. A gain of 65 fps
                              took place in a 22 HC.