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Piston Seals > PRO4CE MK2 Piston seals- Stingray, Xocet,BearCub, Longbow,Tomahawk Etc
PRO4CE MK2 Piston seals- Stingray, Xocet,BearCub, Longbow,Tomahawk Etc

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Orig. Price: $17.00
Sale Price: $12.90
Prod. Code: WSS546

 Current production run 1.084" OD

Now Easier Fitting With More Front Groove Flex. 2-2020



The cost of the seal is more on material end as it is a special order extrusion. Making seals from garden variety urethane using a lathe will yield poor results as that material  has less than 60% of the properties it should for various reasons.

The object of this seal is to seal the tubes better and make these guns more docile and scope friendly. They maybe sized as well using Tesla seal information. Due to the guns we have been seeing, we will make the seals fit the largest tubes as we have no choice but to do so. Its always better to size a seal for a few tight tubes or keep using the factory seal if tight then send out small seals when most tubes are big. Common sense here. The main reason to make a seal in the first place is most OEM ones are too small.

On these seals all you have to size is a fine sealing edge in front of the seal-Which has the largest OD. Very simple to do. Our parachute also is bigger to allow more flex. Don't be fooled by the receiver tube. Put your old seal into the gun and watch what happens once you get past the milled slots- often then the seal will free fall the rest of the way down the chamber- keep this in mind when fitting the new seal.

Fits the Webley small size tubes at around 1.065"-1.078 (seal OD uncompressed) Easier installation on the piston as well. Put parachute end down on a hard surface and press piston into the seal at an angle-pops on quickly.

If your eating up quality scopes- you need to correct the sealing issue. Buying other scopes will do nothing but create more returned scopes. That includes, Burris, Leupold, B&L, G&R and so on.

Not for the Kodiak-Patriot (they are larger)

Tomahawks- Most  FAC Tomahawks eat the factory seal quickly. Why. Guns are not sealed correctly, have excess lube, and the worst is unchoked barrels. Since most can not choke barrels, the gun requires you not to overspring it, make sure the seal is snug and if you can not choke the barrel you must use the largest sized pellets you can obtain. They should fit very snug in the breech and if pushed through should not free fall. Anything less will result in burned seals, broke springs and guides.