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Tune Kits > New HW95-77-97 GSX OS UK Kit -Adjustable Power
New HW95-77-97 GSX OS UK Kit -Adjustable Power

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Prod. Code: 95-97UKADJ

 Updated- 7-24-15

NEW Adjustable power kit from under 12 ft lbs to near Fac levels all in one kit.

Fits HW85-95-R9-10-11-HW98 and HW77-97 All years

Also Marksman 60-61- Select Model at the top of the page ( To The Right)

This is a great kit for UK shooters and those that want a kit they can adjust from sub 12 ft lb level to just reach into FAC level. This is not a magnum kit even with all spacers being used.


Kit includes the spring, front and rear guides with built in spacing and tar.

Included are three piston spacers to adjust the velocity. These are designed where 3 piston spacers are for FAC use and are the max possible in spacing.

Kit also includes spring tar.

For UK shooters try one spacer in the piston first. Add or remove as desired.

Specs are based on 7.9 gr pellets.  For .177 only.

Not for heavier pellets.

Extra springs are available.

***These kits are built very tight and require a break in period. You can cock them the first time and let them sit safely cocked in a secure area for 30-45 minutes to help the break in process.