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Tune Kits > NEW- AT80 Magnum Kit For HW80-R1
NEW- AT80 Magnum Kit For HW80-R1

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Orig. Price: $119.00
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Prod. Code: AT80KIT

A modern adaption of the old Ultra Glide kit that was famous in the early 80s

Easier to install than most and full power. Fits all versions of the HW80-Beeman R1- in all calibers.

But the best power potential is in the .22 and .25 calibers.

We recommend this kit for the latest HW80 variants because they have more potential than the very early guns.

( 2013 on) This spring has more potential than the gun, so velocity depends on the seals, tube quality and pellet fit in the barrel. Quality guns will get high velocity. 

Also, more robust cocking shoes although this kit does not overstress those. 


Kit includes synthetic machines guides, spring, and a sample tar.