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Tune Kits > New-Hw30-R7 Deluxe Tune Kit
New-Hw30-R7 Deluxe Tune Kit

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Price: $69.00
Prod. Code: 3070U

 Updated- 01/26/23

Includes custom spring and front and rear guides with built in spacing and tar. Fits all models.


If you have the old leather seal gun or one with the older .112" wire spring, It can take another .400 inch piston spacing. Usually no safety older guns- but I have seen safety models as well. We can build the correct kit If you email us you have an old gun. Later guns can not accept extra spacing and the kit drops in. Update 5-2010- We have an all new kit for the older guns (no safety versions) Please email us when ordering if you want the kit for the older guns.

This kit is absolutely not to be used in RWS-Diana 24 models. Bad internet advice has people doing so.