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NEW! Euro Tarantula 32 coil R9-85-95-Chinese-Gamo-BSA ETC
Price: $20.00
Availability: DISCONTINUED
Prod. Code: TXLCS65508

Sorry Now Discontinued


All New- 3-27-12

Fits several Chinese-Spanish-Turkish-UK guns as well.


Specs are about .513 ID, 32 coils of .128  wire.

These can be preset for an easier install. That option

is listed under Tune kits.


This spring and the E3650 are installed into many guns. Often airgunners will hear these are great for a gun and then complain they lost power. They replace a 44 coil mainspring etc. with these straight away like it should do the trick. That is exactly why we sell spacers at the bottom of this section.

This spring is very stout and the gun its used in should be in perfect spec with new seals and a tight choked barrel and an in spec receiver tube.

If not its like harsh dry firing and the part will not hold up. In a perfect gun- no issues. Most of the foreign guns have issues because they are built to a price and not a standard. Pick the softer E3650 in that case. Super light or very heavy pellets should be avoided. Due to the above the spring is not warranted.