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Tune Kits > Merlin XL- Custom Spring- Upgraded Use Info
Merlin XL- Custom Spring- Upgraded Use Info

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Orig. Price: $20.00
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Prod. Code: 8787-090

Fits many guns that require more preload than our smaller springs.

Square wire, figure it at .116" average, .509 inch ID., 37 coils and 12.2"plus unset.

Very smooth easy cocking.

Good for the old Gamo 68-200-300- Repeaters- Diana 27-427-Original

Can be used in Modern Gamos that take the E3650 spring for a soft tune.

Can be used and cut for many guns like the Diana 24-25-R7-30's etc. Even as

a soft tune on the old R9's with the .500 spring guide.

These are easy to cut and re-close.

Presetting option allows super easy installation