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Tune Kits > New Deluxe R1-Hw80 Power Kit
New Deluxe R1-Hw80 Power Kit

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Orig. Price: $119.00
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Prod. Code: 8796-09

New Deluxe Kit with  synthetic guides for the HW80-R1.

 What's included in the kit-Front and rear guides, spring, and tar.


This kit is designed for all calibers and will not over-tax a poor out of tolerance receiver tube

like a big old tightly wound heavy spring will. Softer recoiling as well. .135 x 32 spring

Allow extra build time.

These kits due to extreme build tolerances require a longer break in period for max velocity.

**If you are a first round chronographer you will be disappointed. However you can leave the gun cocked in a safe place (unloaded of course) for an hour or so to speed up the break-in process right after the install.




Please Note- If you purchased your gun new after 10-2009. Please email us that fact as the gun now takes about 75 thou less spacing than older guns.