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Tune Kits > TX200 MK3 - Maccari MK3-5-Pro Sport Kit-FAC
TX200 MK3 - Maccari MK3-5-Pro Sport Kit-FAC
Price: $98.00
Prod. Code: TXGuideK

Please contact us for near 12 ft lb kits and SR kits as well. ( Same Price)

TX200 MK3 - Maccari MK3-5- FAC Pro Sport

Machined front and rear guides- rear steel with hardened and polished rear washer. Guide pre-lubed and fitted.

Front synthetic guide with metal piston weight. Spring and tar.

FAC guns-all calibers

Notes; Be sure to remove the factory front guide from the piston. Drop in our metal bushing into the piston first and then the kit.

Contact us on kits for MK1-MK2 TX200 guns.  Check out our breech seals, and piston seals for a complete rebuild.


Spare springs

MK1-MK2 guns can use from 1 to 3 of the rear spacers. Factory supplied 3 on FAC guns.

New guns can only take 1......... We supply only one with the kits.



No further discounts on this item only.

Note- Please do not buy this kit for power. Update 6-17-2010

If you need power use the factory spring on its loose guides with little if any lube and the hard undersized factory seal with chamber oil just like the OEM gun. That way you have nothing to reduce the power and the gun can fuel lube with every shot giving you high power. Just accept the issues that brings. No free lunch in spring guns. You can not put in tight non twanging parts with tight non fueling seals and get a great shooting, non vibrating gun and match the velocity of one burning oil and not restricted by tight fitting parts.

I have now reduced the guide tightness a bit for less break in while retaining the concept of the kit and the no vibration feel with a slight velocity boost over our prior kit. We always try to over build products to wear in instead of out but we understand many do not care to wait so we gave in some and loosened the parts up a bit and that is even easier for me to do than the extensive hand fitting way. Thanks all!