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Tune Kits > NEW- ZRT Mag RWS-Diana 48,52,54,56,460 Mag Kit
NEW- ZRT Mag RWS-Diana 48,52,54,56,460 Mag Kit
Orig. Price: $125.00
Sale Price: $119.00
Availability: This product is unavailable for ordering at this time please come back or continue shopping.
Prod. Code: ZRTHeavyHP



Update 9-28-2017-  I can now supply these for T01 trigger guns etc. Same price but please choose which model you want from the option screen on this page to the right >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

If you do not know which trigger model you have, order the T01 kit as it will fit all models.


More power than our VRT or older GRT kits.

Fits the above guns with the T05-T06 trigger and onward- plastic safety models. Not for the older steel wire safety guns. New T06 have metal safeties now.

Now for the modern RWS-Diana-Original rifles including the 460 mag-470.

( Low power in the 460-470 is usually the thin breech seal- needs spaced up

or a custom model- we do not offer those)


Kit includes pre-lubricated steel rear guide, rear flange washer and new ZRT spring with front guide and sample tar. These kits are built super tightly and require a break in period. You can speed that up by cocking the gun safely stored away unloaded for an hour or so. It will not harm the spring in any way.

This is the only kit we offer for the 460 mag.........

Spare springs available to kit owners.

Now with 50RC hardened rear washer.

*Remove any piston spacers you may have in the gun prior.

This kit can not accept more spacers on either end. Install the kit only as sent.

Installing- since this kit has a front guide as most customers want,

if you have trouble installing it, that is because you are not getting

the rear guide located on the piston stem. Once you do it will push in. The longer factory guide is easier to install but it doesn't have a front guide. And our guides are always ID and OD chamfered-always!