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Tune Kits > New TX200-HC-Pro Sport-Walther LGU - Two Types
New TX200-HC-Pro Sport-Walther LGU - Two Types

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Orig. Price: $25.00
Sale Price: $20.00
Prod. Code: TX200HC125

 New 5/2/19- Please select which spring from the right option list.


Specifications are;

.555 " ID

30 coils x .125 wire

Moderate FAC power with reduced harshness-Softer spring than OEM

Please read this


TX200-PS All Marks


Second Option

Full Magnum .128 x29 coils .555" ID

Max power


Please renew piston and breech seals with spring changes and check the comp tube nut to make sure it is sealed.

I've been in over a dozen new TX's in 2019. They are not making the power of the older ones

I've been importing them since 1993. Reasons are many and all of the new ones had oversized barrels compared to those years earlier. No longer CPL shooting guns.