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Ordering Information

* When you use a web based email like, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, etc. often our order acknowledgment will go directly to your spam folder. Same as our shipping notification from stamps.com. Please check your spam folder first for any order information in case you do not see it in your inbox.

* Please try to get all of your items ordered at the time of the initial transaction as we ship rapidly on most items. Often within a few minutes of the order. With metered mail it is not easy to add anything to the order after you receive out tracking notice.

* Great Britain customers should input "Great Britain" on the order form for their country as our shipping software rejects "UK" or any other name. This speeds up the process on our end.

* We use USPS exclusively for almost all orders.

* On guns and heavier items please feel free to have your shipper pick up the items here on your account. Notify us in advance and I can make and pack your order and give you the size and weight. I have no issues shipping with your shipper if you do the paperwork and the pickup call.
We will not charge any packaging fees etc!

* If you do not input your State when ordering it will supply AK by default.
But do not worry as when we ship our address verification system will catch it. So no need to panic.

* We do not sell email addresses or any customer information. We do not track your IP, and we do not share any purchase information. We do not try to sell you other items via any ad programs. We are a Social Media Free website. We value your privacy.

To Be Continued!
Thank You!