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Shipping To Germany- Please Read.

As our norm for decades we ship orders very promptly.
If you are going to order from Germany please consider German Customs
as very slow at times. We send a CN22 number with your order acknowledgement from Stamps.com. In a few days you will see the parcel
stop at one of our Airports and then the tracking quits for many days. That
means your parcel left the USA.

Customs should be a rather quick ordeal with the items we offer. I have seen German customs take 1 day and up to two months just to clear a parcel. Which we have absolutely no control over. We package the order in a robust fashion and ship promptly. And after that we have no control over the item. For high value orders Insurance is a must. The parcels to Germany do not get lost but are often delayed and then the customer starts filing charge-backs etc. on us. Please be patient and if you need it tomorrow then it isn't likely to happen.
Thank you for patience and patronage.


Unfortunately people are not willing to wait and are charging charge-backs
on us for slow delivery. Therefore we will only send items to Germany Registered mail and thus the shipping price increase.
We have no control with the speed at which your PO. delivers.