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DIY. Stock Emails

DIY Gunstocks

This happens weekly here. Email below.
I'm looking for an R7 and HW80 DIY. stock as I don't mind finishing it myself. Can you supply these? No hurry.

My response;

I'm not doing a bunch of DIY stocks currently, but I will consider doing some in the very near future.
What I need from you is an email describing what type of stock you want like a thumbhole, tyrolean, sporter, etc. ( picture from my gallery)

Do you need a pad fitted or not, and what is your budget or price range as that dictates the grade of wood?

I never get a response to my emails. That information is very important.
I assume that the customer wants to pick from a run of several with no obligation. Well there isn't any obligation to buy and I no longer run out bunches of stocks just to do so wasting valuable lumber and time that
I do not have.
I don't understand these emails. If you set a price how can anyone take advantage of you? How can you want a stock and not supply information on what exactly you are after and the price range you're willing to spend?