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Allow 7 days for kit building besides freight time.

   If you do not see it listed, it is not available or out of stock.

 We reserve the right to modify or improve all products on these pages without prior notice or consent.

 If it does not say the seal is included, it is not. Only one or two kits have seals and they are boldly stated.

Hatsan, Gamo Owners, Crosman, Bam, Chinese, Spanish etc. We may have a few springs that may work in these guns listed as well as seals (E3650-R9 Tarantula-E9870). Read our spring specifications to see for yourself what may work. That information is under each spring listing below.

 Please do not email us for other parts or info on the latest Gamo,Crosman,Benjamin, Bam, ETC. to come on the market. (Sorry we can no longer respond to these emails) We would have to buy every Gamo etc. to see If it took the same parts as the rest. Guessing is not an option and buying 2 guns a week to look at and then toss aside is not something we want to do anymore. Consult Gamo-Airgun forums for those doing that type of foreign gun work.

Every kit explains what is included in its description.

We only source "Made in America" raw materials for our tuning products and machined items. All spring wire used is certified "mercury free".

All Kits are made to wear in with use and require a break in period.

**Our Kits simply drop in and require no gun alterations. That is very important when selecting a tune kit manufacturer.


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Our target audience is skilled gunsmiths and airgunsmiths. So we supply no instructions or advice on assembly, dis-assembly or exploded diagrams or "how to" books or files. Thank You!


Spring-gunning 101.

Only care about velocity? Run a spring on one sloppy guide spaced to the max and no lube. You will get velocity and the gun will shoot like a bucket of bolts. Put two tight guides on it and a correct tight-fitting seal, with some lube and it will shoot like a dream if the receiver or comp tube is true. Should be common sense. Chrono a gun after a fresh repair or tune. Why bother? It's not going to tell you much. We as well as others strived in the mid 90's to present these facts to the Internet world but since the "old timers" no longer do forums, it's all been lost.



Unsolicited Testimonials.


Dear ARH,

Contacted you Monday for a special kit for my older HW77 in .22. Much to my surprise it landed here by Friday. Postmarked the same day ordered. It did the trick and the quality was superb as usual. My old gal never shot so good. Many thanks!


South Africa


Hey ARH,

My 12-year-old tuned TX needed a refurb. Didn't think the old APEX kit could be improved. What a big surprise. Send me up another Survival kit. That new spring is the trick.




Thanks for the fast service on the Wischo 70 parts. The old gal is back at it. Got another crow at 60 plus yards. He had no chance with CPL's blazing at him at over 840 fps.

DL. Wisc.


Hey Jim,

Thanks for the kit and the advice. Much appreciated. I went with some bad forum advice and got a very heavy magnum spring from a competitor. All I achieved was a bunch of recoil, a broken scope, and less power than the softer kit you sell. Lesson learned. Thanks!

SR. Texas



I always appreciated the fine work and service you are known for. You were the only place in the day to buy a TX200 and get a tune done. I remember those days fondly. I'm sort of glad you moved on. I can only imagine if you were still the AA distributor today the TX would be on Mark 40 some. Imagine that. LOL!

Terry, TN.


They say 850 fps in a .177 R9 is hot these days shooting CPL's. I guess they never seen the R9TK's of old. You built 7 for me and most ran nearly 970 fps with 7.9 gr CPL's and from a 10" moderated bull barrel. Bring those days back again.

Terry D., CT.


Hi Jim

I went to a competitors shop to look around. Sorry I'm just ate up with airguns :) When I peered back to the work bench, I had seen the owner, a well-known tuner and another enthusiast spec'ing out two Maccari tune kits they purchased on the sly. That said it all. I just sent out another order for a VRT kit.

BR.  MI.


Please note.

Due to " build quality issues" with many economy minded foreign airguns (Chinese, Spanish, Turkish etc.) the parts listed here as well as other universal parts from any maker, may have a reduced lifespan. Reason being poor quality over-sized barrels and receiver tubes and no barrel choke. (Gun basically dry fires every round) Often the wrong parts are selected and installed by the inexperienced end user making a bad situation even worse. Installing a spring on a smaller guide than the ID. of the spring will reduce it's life and cause vibration and canting. Over-lubing and using the wrong type or size of seal will reduce life as well as shooting undersized pellets. Overly heavy or light weight pellets are bad in spring guns as well. When we do not offer kits for guns, it's often because the gun itself is prone to parts destruction and it's not wise to invest time into those types of guns. The clue that your gun is one of these is pretty simple. When the factory provided OEM parts have little longevity, that's a clear sign of more of the same to come. Look under the TX 200 Survival kit for pellet weights that are acceptable to use in spring guns.

We have several domestic and foreign dealers selling Maccari-ARH spring kits. Please ask who is making all the components as many just buy springs and then list them as Maccari-ARH kits.