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DIY Custom Stocks

You see so called expert wood-workers on every forum on the Internet about the work involved in DIY. projects.

Gun-stocks are no exception. I read daily how the expert took 40 hours just sanding the stock because it was so rough. Then three posters of the same skill ( lack of) high five the other poster and then it's written in history not to buy a DIY. stock

The picture to the left is a PE. Hunter stock fresh off the Dakota machine.

Next picture shows the same stock being sanded with an orbital sander for 6 minutes. Yes six minutes with 80 grit paper. Its 22F degrees out and the sandpaper is old. Always use a new sheet.

It also shows a sander I'm not in love with as I prefer the Dewalt series because they are smaller and leave a better finish.

The last picture shows the PE stock after the above sanding and 3 minutes hand sanding with the take off 80 grit pad. The stock is now ready for quick orbital sanding with 120,220, and then 320 grit. Then sanded with pads or paper to contour it and get the minor details. This stock will now take 30 minutes to be ready for finish by a Pro or up to 2 hours by a novice.

This wood sands great so 320 is fine. Other woods you can go up to 600 grit plus.

As you see, DIY. stocks are easy to do if you have the proper tools to begin with. These sanders cost from $49-$79. That's it. Our goal is to keep the price and delivery time within reason or we would do them for you. Next time you see the forum foolishness, remember some guys will sand your Maccari stock and finish it for $65- yes $65. Nobody works 40 hours for $65 in the USA.

Remember you should fit the action first- not last.

All new stocks have the centers sawed off and the butt trued for a pad. Inletting is slightly undersized so that you may fit the action tightly to the stock. Inletting scrapers are ideal for this. Available at Brownells and other places online.

*All current stocks from 8-2015 are upgraded with higher detail sanding like shown at the bottom picture on this page.




Good Luck!