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New Spring Matching Service



Spring matching service.

No Charge Service- No Obligation To Buy. 


Please give us the wire size ( example .120 inch) number of coils, count each shaved end coil as one.

Id of the spring- better yet the OD of the spring guide so you can get a close tight fit ( example .545 "). We will search our springs and if we have a close match we will suggest one for you. Please specify spring specifications in English-Imperial measure and not metric. Please note- If no dimensions are supplied we can not suggest a spring and will not respond to the request. Make sure to check the privacy policy box before sending.

Gamo owners etc; Please read our Gamo information at the top of the tune kit page.

This is not a place to ask for 12 ft lb. FWB 300's or give gun model numbers without specs. unless it is a modern day HW gun.


Thank You! 


 Please Allow a few days for a response.

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